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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Political suicide

Political suicide  
Bruce foreman looks out the  bulletproof window at the protesters. He didn't know what this lot was protesting about everyday there was a different group of protesters out side. from up on the seventh floor they all look the same. He can't help but fell detached from the rest of the population as he sits in his office protected by armed guards and metal detectors on the front door, CCTV in the corridors and three inches of bulletproof glass. But all that was not going to stop him from dying today. he leaves the window and starts looking through the paper work on his desk. The already heavy work load had recently doubled when the finance minister was found dead in his apartment. Having overdosed on UV42. the united nations parliament was put under increasing pressure. As the wolds newspapers publish photos of the finance minister's flooded apartment. He had been found  laying on the floor in a fort made from the bath room door, the bath tub and the kitchen table. Everything in the apartment had  been taken apart. But the real scandal came two days later when a  man in a cocktail dress was found dead in the air vent. The wold's press had lots of  theories as to what happened in that apartment and lots of questions.
He open a file labeled “proposition to ban UV42” and takes out the last page titled outcome of parliamentary vote he signs the bottom of the page confirming that UV42 was not to be banned. If they had any option he would ban it but it was just too useful. it gave an unlimited supply of clean energy to the solar system. He puts the page back, adds it to the out tray and picks up the next file. “Proposal to unite space programs re-wright 4” He flicked though the page titles regions for rejection initialing each page and signs the last. Only 10 rejection this time. 6 country had handed control of there space programs when the parliamentary UN was formed from the original united nations but other countries was reluctant. Mexico was so against the UN space program they took payment to take 200 civilians to Neptune. knowing the UN would disapprove. when the the Mexican space program come in to financial difficulties Hthey ask the UN for aid. The UN offered to buy out the Mexicans. having expected the UN to offer a lone they looked for another solution and the neptunian forums stepped in. agreeing to buy the helix and 2 communication satellites. So as the UN work to Unite the peoples of the wold a new civilization started to grow at the edge of the solar system.
Bruce work his way through the file 
prosecution to cull doorstep pigeons Rejected
prosecution to catalog all android intelligences Approved
prosecution to dismantle all android intelligences Rejected
proposal for changes to riot act Rejected
proposal for changes to the digital dater act Rejected
and so on about 350 files to be signed. He would usually just get the bare minimum out the way but today he clears his desk. There's a buzz from the intercom “sir do you need me to stay late” he pushes a button on the intercom “not today, oh but can you cancel the cleaner before you go” there's another buzz from the intercom “will do sir” after a bit he herd his pa leave. he gets up and goes to the window the protesters was still outside but fewer in number now. The light quickly vacates the room as the blinds move down over the window his briefcase slams down on his desk next to the empty in tray. Opening it he takes out a file the tittle read “ operation red stone” He has worked hard on operation red stone and knows it would never pass the vote. So he was going to sneak it through. Every one was over loaded with work due to the death of the finance minister but a bigger distraction wouldn't hurt. Out of his briefcase come a small bottle containing a thick black liquid. Bruce had never used a syringe and hesitated before injecting the UV42 in to his vane. The wall around him start to sway as if caught in a sumer breeze bruce refills the syringe from the small bottle and injected  the sand felt good under his feet as he refills once more he stares up at the stars before remembering what he was doing and he injects for the third time. he falls back slowly on to the sand. He sits up and refills again. for the last time the needle slips in to his skin he pushes down on the plunger the needle snaps in his arm as his eye close never to be open again

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